About Our Cycling

Hobart Walking Club is a walking club that also offers a range of other activities, one of which is cycling. Our large friendly, social cycling group enjoys beautiful scenery and uncrowded roads and the option of a coffee at the end (or sometimes in the middle) of a ride. Hobart Walking Club cyclists are united in the Club's aims, and the Club ethos that applies to all activities.

Currently there are four different weekly cycling groups which cater for different abilities and fitness, one every Tuesday and three every Thursday. Cycling camps and other rides may be offered at times.

The Tuesday rides range between 45 - 80kms and suited to a faster paced cyclist and the rides are rated moderate to challenging.
On Thursday there are three cycle groups: Moderate Rides (MM), Medium Easy Rides (ME) and Short Easy Rides (SE). The three rides are of differing difficulty: the Moderate Cycle group rides are between 35 to 50 km, the Medium Easy Cycle Group rides are between 25 to 40 km and the Short Easy Cycle Group rides cater for slow cyclists.

We have tours during the year in different parts of Tasmania which can range from a few days to a week.

E. Bikes that comply with Australian Standards are welcome on HWC Club trips.

Most HWC cycling occurs on public roads and shared pathways. HWC expects that people cycling with the Club know and adhere to Tasmanian road rules as they apply to cyclists and their interactions with other road users. The Club does not provide tuition in road rules or state cycling laws. A useful link regarding road rules for cyclists and motor vehicles interacting is Road Safety Advisory Committee. https://www.rsac.tas.gov.au/road-users/cyclists/
Cyclists are expected to know how to keep their bikes in good roadworthy order, and be able to attend to basic problems that can occur while cycling e.g. flat tyres, gears jamming, minor brake problems, chain coming off.

Riders’ responsibilities to the Coordinator and the Group are similar to those for walks:
Inform the Coordinator of any possible medical issue and have “HWC Participant’s Emergency Contact & Medical Information” form in a plastic bag.
Ensure you have the necessary equipment and capability to complete the ride.
Rainwear, first aid kit and water should always be brought along with other clothing and food as appropriate for the event.
Follow all reasonable decisions and directions of the Coordinator.
Wait until the Coordinator gives the all clear to start riding at the beginning and after every break or regroup.
Inform the Coordinator if you have to leave the group early.
Inform the Coordinator if you wish to alter the ride.
Ride at your own pace, regroup at junctions and intersections. After each stop the Coordinator or delegate will check that all in the group are present.
When recommencing after each stop check that all in the group are underway.
Be courteous at all times.
Thank the Coordinator for leading the ride.

You can get a printable (PDF) copy of the cycling guidelines here: cycling safety

Last updated: 14 Aug 2019