About our Walks

Choosing Your Activity

When planning your first walk you need to be aware of your own abilities. It is best to start cautiously while you learn about our walks grading system. It can be disheartening to find that everyone else can jump from rock to rock and you cannot. The Circular prints the coordinator's phone number and as a prospective, you should ring the coordinator and discuss the type of walk and your abilities and equipment. Our walks are graded by difficulty, which is determined by height gained, distance walked and terrain. Full details of our grading system are in The Circular under grading of walks.

Grading of Walks

All walks are graded according to 'equivalent distance' and terrain.

Equivalent distance is the horizontal distance, plus 1km for every 100m climbed. On weekend and extended walks this equivalent distance is likely to be walked each day.

Qualifying walks are those that can be counted in the prerequisites for Membership. All qualifying walks are given a two letter grading code.

The first letter refers to the equivalent distance.

LLongover 20km

The second letter refers to the terrain.

EEasyMainly on tracks or open ground
MMediumMay include some off-track walking
RRoughOff-track and could include scrub, creek crossing, and rocks

Non-qualifying walks or events are listed as:

NQNon-qualifyingEasy; less than 8km
SNQShort non-qualifying5km or less, no steep slopes and all ages welcome