During The Trip

  • Be Safe. You are responsible to minimise risks to yourself and to the other participants to the best of your experience, knowledge and training. Wait for next person or regroup at junctions and intersections to indicate the way.
  • Adhere to Plan. All participants should respect and adhere to the details of the advertised trip plan, e.g. with respect to route, destination and pace. However, should unforeseen circumstances, such as adverse weather, accidents, or problems occur the Trip Coordinator should consult with the party and obtain its consent before changing the plan. A trip should not intentionally be made more difficult than originally planned unless ALL participants agree and are capable of undertaking the altered trip. Safety in the Bush (pages 111-122) gives guidelines for actions in emergencies.
  • Cooperate. One of the coordinator's jobs is to keep the group together. Respect the coordinator's directions and group decisions, comply with all reasonable instructions and don't ever leave a Club trip without first personally reporting to the coordinator.
  • Leave Minimum Impact. Adhere to the minimum impact guidelines set out in Safety in the Bush (pages 2-3) and comply with any pertinent instructions from the Trip Coordinator.
  • Respect Private Property. Leave gates as you find them, do not damage or strain fences and do not disturb stock.
  • Show consideration to others on the track. Use courtesy and common sense. The Club is non-political and non-sectarian, so do not push your views. Many members 'go bush' for peace and quiet. Please respect their wishes; eg don't play a radio or use a mobile phone unless all within range agree. Observe reasonable hours on trips. If your sleeping habits differ from others, remember that they may be resting while you are up and about.