How To Prepare

  • Get fit. Minimise the risk to yourself and the other participants by being suitably experienced and fit for the trip and by having done any necessary training. For your own safety and the safety of the rest of the party, do not attempt a trip that would be too difficult for you.
  • Be healthy. Make sure you are well enough for the trip. Tell the Trip Coordinator before the day of the trip if you are taking any medication that might affect your participation in the trip, or if you have any physical or other limitation. If applicable, make sure someone knows where your allergy or other medication is and can help administer it. The Trip Coordinator has discretion to refuse you if it could jeopardise the trip. Do not participate in Club activities while adversely affected by alcohol or drugs.
  • Book. Pre-trip bookings are strongly recommended for all trips, especially if you are not well known to the Trip Coordinator. Booking is usually mandatory for overnight trips, or if requested in the trip description in the Circular. The Trip Coordinator has the right to refuse to accept anyone who, in his or her opinion, lacks the skills, fitness and / or equipment necessary to undertake the trip.
  • Get the right gear. Carry the appropriate items listed in Safety in the Bush (pages 29-45), and bring anything else you expect to need. But do not bring excess baggage that will weigh you down and exhaust you. Consult the Trip Coordinator before the day of the trip if in doubt. Take advantage of the bushwalking gear that the club has to hire before buying your own.