How to get access to HWC members web site

First get a userid/password to allow login (even if you had an old one you forgot) To do this go to the HWC web site with your web browser:

Click on Members Area from the menu

At the members login page click on the Get password down on the right.

(that is Get password NOT Apply here)

Two boxes will appear labelled Username and Email
Enter just your email address - leave username blank
You must enter the email address registered under your name in the club database - contact membership if uncertain.
Click on the recover button below the email box

Within a few minutes you will receive an email showing you a username and password.
Note this email can be blocked as spam unless you have made your email settings accept emails from hobartwalkingclub.org.au

Go back to the login page (ignore the incorrect link shown in the email) and enter the username and password and click Login
You should now be logged in and see the Welcome page with menu items down the left side that you can click on. The two important ones are My Details and Trips & Events. If you have registered via the "apply here" button on the members login page, the only menu item seen is My Details - until the membership officer enables you as a paid-up member.

My Details - access to your personal information - go to this and then click on Change Password where you can enter a new username and password of your choosing that are easier to remember. (and remember to finish with a click on the "change password" button at the bottom.)

Trips & Events - access to the database of trips and meeting events.
Viewing trips: click on Trips & Events to get a list of all events from now and forwards in time.
You can view past events by using the calendar (click under ‘Date’)

Download a printable version of this: here

last updated: April 23rd 2020