Risk Management

Personal Responsibility

The very nature of the outdoor activities attracts some risk of accidents that may lead to injury, illness or death, or to the loss of or damage to property. Trip Coordinators who plan, advertise and coordinate walks and rides, are not professionally trained; each activity is a peer group activity with the Trip Coordinator providing limited direction and oversight. Thus all participants have to satisfy themselves as to whether they can do the walk safely. This is best done by talking with the Trip Coordinator and understanding the Club walk grading system. The Club endeavours to minimise risk by asking participants to behave responsibly towards themselves and others and to follow safety rules detailed in the Club's publication Safety in the Bush.

Walks can vary depending on the conditions of the day and participants have to be prepared for numerous uncertainties.


Clause 12 of the Constitution states that "None of the office bearers, nor any of the Executive Committee, nor a trip coordinator, nor any other member of the Club shall be legally responsible in the event of any person dying or suffering injury whilst engaged in any of the activities of the Club and no action shall lie against any one or more of them, nor against Club funds or property, on account of the negligence or otherwise of any one or more of them."


The Club insurance covers public liability, excluding member-to-member events, during Club activities. Members' vehicles are not covered.

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