Choosing Your Activity

Participants need to be aware of their own walking ability. It is best to start on a short easy walk while you find out how the Club's grading system operates.
Full details of walk gradings can be found in the Circular.

Grading of Walks

The first Letter is for LENGTH plus 100 metres ascended counts as one extra kilometre
S - Short - 8 to 12 km
M - Medium - 13 up to 20 km
L - Long - over 20 km

The second and other letters are DIFFICULTY
E - Easy - on tracks, beaches and open paddocks
M - Medium - may include some off-track wlking with limited minor scrub-bashing.
R - Rough - off-track, may include scrub -bashing, creek crossings, rocks etc.

SNQ - Short Non-Qualifying - easy walk or stroll with all ages welcome - 5 km or less.
NQ - Non-Qualifying - less than 8 km.
(Non-Qualifying walks do not count towards gaining Membership.)