Hall's Island, Lake Malbena - Sue MacKay
Hall's Island, Lake Malbena - Sue MacKay


The Club's Executive and members have long been vigilant in their support for wild places and acted as a strong voice for community concerns with how our parks and reserves are to be properly managed for future generations.

An original mission statement of the Hobart Walking Club when it was formed in 1929 was “To preserve and protect the natural environment”.

The tragic flooding of Lake Pedder in 1972 made many people more aware of the need to protect the environment and for the community to be vigilant in holding governments and businesses to account for their decisions.

  • The enormous groundswell of demonstrators that overturned the plan to dam the Franklin River was fuelled by resentment at the loss of Lake Pedder, and the need to protect another pristine area from dams and flooding.
  • Some activists still lobby for Lake Pedder to be restored by draining the flooded valley, as there is evidence that the sandy beach is still intact under the water.

Since 2020, the club has contributed to the Maria Island Management Plan in 2020, and made detailed formal submissions relating to:

  • the latest Mt Wellington Cableway Development Application 2021,
  • the proposed Cradle Mountain Cableway,
  • the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service Walker Registration System,
  • the Revised Halls Island – Lake Malbena Development Proposal,
  • the Draft Wellington Park Visitor and Information Strategy, and
  • a development Application from the Kentish Rifle Club for a shooting range at Mount Maggs.

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