Mt Gould - Steve Ford
Mt Gould - Steve Ford

Peak Baggers and The Abel Mountains

Peak Baggers
The first peak-baggers list consisted of only twelve peaks and grew from there. Tim Christie compiled a list that was first published in 1968.  Revisions were made by Geoff Morffew in 1983, 2000 and 2013. The most recent list issued in 2017 (and available for download) now totals 481 peaks and 900 points.
The peaks are grouped into areas and then listed in alphabetical order for convenience. Ranges have been included where the highest point has not yet been named. In all cases the highest rock must be touched, regardless of spot heights provided on maps.
To each peak points between 1 and 10 have been given, according to notability (or notoriety), walking distance, walking elevation required, type of terrain and tracks, height of peak, and proximity to other peaks, which peak-baggers may count to their credit. Repeat ascents do not count.

To view or print the current Peak Baggers list:
Peak Baggers List 2017- xls
Peak Baggers List 2017 - pdf

To obtain an earlier version of the Peak Baggers list, email [email protected].

The Abel Mountains
The 158 Abel mountains are classified by height and prominence. They must be at least 1100m high and have a drop of at least 150m on all sides.

For detailed information on Tasmania's Abel Mountains: