Returning from Cape Surville - Charles Chadwick
Returning from Cape Surville - Charles Chadwick


No matter your experience or fitness, discovering Tasmania's pristine environments is best done on foot.

The Club's walking program is diverse with walks every day of the week.

A visitor may accompany a member on a maximum of three walks before joining the Club. To arrange this please contact the trip Coordinator at least 24 hours in advance. Visitors must sign a risk waiver on each trip.

It is important to walk within your limits. The activities Calendar is comprehensive, and you will see that most walks are categorised by two letters. The table below may help to find a walk that suits you - select the walk length from the left and then the walk difficulty from the right.

Length Difficulty
S - Short 8 - 12 km E - Easy - on tracks, beaches and open paddocks
M - Medium 13 - 20 km M - Medium - may include some off-track walking with limited minor scrub-bashing.
L - Long 20+ km R - Rough - off-track, may include scrub-bashing, creek crossings, rocks etc.
NQ - Non-Qualifying - less than 8 km.
SNQ - Short Non-Qualifying - easy walk or stroll with all ages welcome - 5 km or less.
(Non-Qualifying walks do not count towards gaining Membership.)